Rectangular bathtubs

The other day I found out, by an accident, really, that what is in vogue at present as far as various trends in redecoration go, are rectangular bathtubs. This is quite a novelty, if you come to think of it. Yet, definitely not the one which you could call a bolt from the blue. If you take the very long history of the trends in redecoration into account, you will discover that rectangular bathtubs have already had their heyday in the past times, and, considering that all trends experience sudden and unpredictable comebacks every now and then, it is not surprising that rectangular bathtubs are again in vogue.



I suppose that what lies at the…

I suppose that what lies at the bottom of the current popularity are two things. First and foremost, rectangular bathtubs, due to their shape, seem to be the most practical shape of a bath that one can think of.



Being a rectangle, it can fit into…

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Being a rectangle, it can fit into each and every type of a bathing room, provided it is not oval or round. The other thing is that the shape of a rectangle is something which goes alongside with the current revival of interest into the minimalistic trends in fashion and design.

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